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So I haven't played dofus in a few years, and decided to start playing again on my eni. However, the classes spells have had some pretty huge changes since I last played (and I have read up on those 2016 revamp changes). But none of my spell points have been re-distributed? All my spells points are still invested in the old spells.. which makes for an incredibly bizarre spell set.

Were people who played enis given the chance to reset their spell points? Is this an issue I should bring up with Ankama?...
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So I've come across several times, the discussion of class weaknesses. I've come to understand that to Ankama's ideals, each class will have a particular weakness.
For instance, enis and sacriers both have erosion as their weakness, Osas weakness will be the unpredictability of their summons, etc.

However, it is also noted that Ankama also believes that no class weakness can be used as an advantage by anyone, as this would be incredibly over powered, abusive, and rather unfair.
So, for instance...
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So I deleted a character on one of my accounts around 6 months ago, and it is no longer there on the 'character selection' page at log in.
However, when I log into my dofus account on the website, it still (even today) thinks this deleted character exists. (I've cleared my catche, reset my internet and all the basic things I could think of to do)
Now I wouldn't really mind, apart from the fact that I'd like to use the name on the character I deleted months ago, and because to dofus it still exists,...