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Mask Karra Masqueraider Lvl 193 Efrim
Shah Doe Sram Lvl 169 Efrim
Beautyfool Iop Lvl 169 Efrim
Stas Tisis Foggernaut Lvl 169 Efrim
Testing-Test Cra Lvl 1 Remington

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Not gonna waste any more time with him either
Hope Ankama bless you with many more 1 socket gears, kisses sweetie
59 2786
I tried very hard to try to understand what you even typed there and after trying for so long I realize I just wasted my time, you typed nothing, there is no statement, no argument, nothing, just a blind defense of this awful RNG system by shifting the blame onto us, the "frustrated players", by giving non-solutions like "jUsT GeT GuiLdmAteS", this isn't a solution, it's a way to avoid the problem that your gear just sucks because it came with one socket and all your hard work to get that gear and...
59 2786
To roll, repeatedly, 1 sockets on your Lv200 gear and not be against this system is something that human behaviour scientist would like to study, it's like going to Las Vegas and, repeatedly, losing at the slots and tables to the point you get broke and still says you're in favor of predatory casinos
Honey, who hurt you?