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Member since 2006-04-29


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Gelano(LV.60) +1AP +10Strength---> minimum 300kk for this
Royal Gobball Headgear(LV.50) +76 Strength +1 intelligence
Royal Gobbling Cape(LV.50) +67 Strength
Royal Gobball Ring(LV.30) +60 Life
Royal Gobball Belt(LV.52) +303 Pods +47 Vitality +1 Critical hits +1 Damage
Pippin Amublop(LV.50) +33 Vitality +15 Wisdom +25 Strength +5 Damage
Pippin Bloopts(LV.50 Boots) +32 Vitality +15 Strength +12% Damage +1 To Summons +110 Initative +2 Prospecting
Pippin Blop Ring(LV.50) +20 Strength +3 Damage +1 Range...
By raaul - 2008-12-15 17:58:11 in General Class Discussion
4 946
can any1 give me a feca skill build plz? and what armor should i wear from lvl 40-80