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By pwatson92 - 2011-11-15 02:19:57 in Xelor
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hey guy, i wanted to start a full wis xel (all points in wis wear chance/wis equips and use colck for damage), mostly for kolo ap stealing, i was wondering is it a necessity to scroll wis and chance?, i really don't have alot of money at all, and i was wondering what is the least i could get away with while still mainaining decent ap steal chances? i am currently farming gob horns, for the first 25 wis scrolls
By pwatson92 - 2011-11-14 03:55:20 in Problems and solutions
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hey everyone, i have been playing dofus for about 3 years, i stopped a while back for a little bit and when i started playing again it said that i had been innactive for to long and that a new pass word had been sent to my e-mail, but i did not recieve any such e-mail, and everytime i try and reset my password i never get the email either. does anyone know what i can do?? any help would be greatly appreciated!

thanks in advance