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By prolicious - 2017-05-24 11:38:26 in Problems and solutions
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How can i get in contact with Izmar in a normal way?
I am only able to connect Mods via Ankamabox in an unsatisfying way.. Im really getting tired of this shit and i really want a normal convo with someone who can actually do something for me. Unless this useless mods telling me they can't do shit. So if somebody could get me in contact with Izmar, it would be great.

Izmar i need you, Thanks in advance.
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Hey all,

I recently finished my Turqoise Blue achievement, the last one i had to finish for the Four over Five Achieve.
Unfortunately, now i have all the achieves, i still can not start the Four over Five Questline..
Wondering if this is a bug or am i missing something?
I also have done the main quests: adventure time, dream disciple, but where are the dofus?

Senile, Dark Vlad.