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This first post will hold the current Bounty Board. The bounty board has jobs on it which can be posted by all sorts of individuals. Everyone can see the bounty board and take the quests that are available on it. In order to have a quest added/removed from the board, please refer to me in the OOC topic. Bounties are, RP-wise, split into three categories: main, side and passive. The main quest is available for everyone, and there is only one at a time. The side quests can be any bounties...
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Welcome to the Adventurers' Guild, a safe haven for those who live by the sword. Go on epic journeys, look for ancient artifacts or venture into dark alleys to hunt down the criminals of the world as a bounty hunter. The Adventurers' guild has a place and an opportunity for anyone.

Almost two hundred years ago, King Gavon first passed a set of laws that allowed noblemen and certain other people to hire men without a license for any non-national military purposes. A few years later, his son...