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Paprikapin Osamodas Lvl 109 Remington
Inugae Ouginak Lvl 9 Remington
Paprikarine Eniripsa Lvl 8 Remington

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By pprk - 2018-03-03 18:39:33 in General Discussions
4 1086
Can someone explain me how dungeon rewards work?
I have never received them even though i was at >100 ranking last month and othe months before.
By pprk - 2018-02-15 22:50:43 in General Discussions
2 940
Someone asked me how to find trools because that person needs Trool Hair and i couldn't find anything related to their location (The Undertroolker, Troolk Hoogan and Rey Mystroolrio), now i'm asking you guys. Where are those Trools?
31 1581
Since Riktus and Amakna government in Remington (the whole Wakfu world basically) give every species protected status it would make leveling professions less of a torture to enable outlaws to use their haven bags.

I'm mad and sad at the same time because this game seems to purposefully force things to be done in roundabout ways.