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Linkoln Osamodas Lvl 194 Dathura
I'Ve Never Sadida Lvl 194 Dathura
Cénobite Sacrier Lvl 124 Dathura
Thrombophlébite Rogue Lvl 123 Dathura
Improbite Pandawa Lvl 123 Dathura
Je Suis Moche Enutrof Lvl 31 Remington
Je Suis Pas Belle Eniripsa Lvl 7 Remington
Tompa Je T'Aimes Huppermage Lvl 3 Aerafal
Tompa Je T'Aime Huppermage Lvl 3 Aerafal
Loki Trucmachin Feca Lvl 1 Aerafal
Linkolnounet Feca Lvl 1 Aerafal

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339 47292
He can jump on everyone.
339 47292
Hi, after watching our tries again it seems that Steel Beak loves jumping when we deal him more than 9000 damages in a turn (or a number around this). This may be one of the reason, but it still doesn't help to know who he's gonna jump on so I think there is another thing.

339 47292
InfiniteSpaceCorsair|2015-04-29 01:29:08MiniMikeh|2015-04-28 23:51:29I should also specify that our guilds team who downed him one turned him in phase 4 so they unfortunately didn't get any of his mechanics for phase 4 in the video - a clarification that a couple guildies pointed out for me as well as hatespawn

Something Bap noticed about the jump is we believe it may have a 2 turn cooldown on it - this still needs to be confirmed and a conclusion that hate came to while we we're studying some videos...