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By porchea3 - 2017-03-04 22:29:48 in Iop
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If you could just make Celestial sword not deal damage to allies or at least just the caster, that would be great! Celestial sword is so limited when it can be casted due to the risk of hurting yourself or allies.
If you could also buff the damage on sword of judgement a little bit than I believe the agility build for iops would be worth it.
This seems pretty reasonable and give iop players another option from the other two obviously better ( in most situations) builds.
By porchea3 - 2017-02-17 01:46:15 in Iop
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hi all!!
I am a level 125 str/agi iop who desires to be 12/6.
so far I achieved it but with a god gives me -40 agility so I was wondering if there is something else that gives me +1ap that does not affect str/agi that I can use with out crazy conditions that require me to go out of the way to equip.
thanks in advance
By porchea3 - 2017-01-15 05:59:49 in Sacrier
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so after the update I have no idea what sacriers are after the buff....
Can someone please explain what they are? :wacko:
they just do massive amounts of damage all the time now, compared to the past when they have high life and tank
like they have teleports and change to cool looking aliens....
what are sacriers strength and weakness? like I don't understand XD
thanks in advance