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After a very long break, I am back to find the game completed changed with every class basically revamped @[email protected]

The game is completely changed and I need new equips to keep up with these heavy hitters  that one turn me in
kolo !!

I was wondering if anyone new a guide or has one for the ivory dofus quests and if they can also list the prequest necessary. 

I am having trouble finding one in English, and since I don't speak French, I have no idea where to begin lol

thanks in advance !
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hi,I have a character in a different account on Echo and I want transfer it to a different server in a different community called Rubilax (cause I have family and friends that play on that server). I don't see server transfer in the services anymore, how can I transfer the character?
By porchea - 2016-11-06 20:01:56 in Sram
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i just got to 80 and i find int sram to be the hardest but also the most strategic. I am having trouble in pvp when invisible because i have no idea what to do besides the 1 tricky trap per turn and paralysing trap when available. Also i find it hard setting up for dragline; I usually hide behind my double and hit them like that or since i have 11 ap i use dragline with tricky trap.

Does anyone have any tips or set up tricks that could help me in pvp?

thanks in advance!