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Replicate Osamodas Lvl 183 Remington
Speculate Cra Lvl 183 Remington
Luminate Xelor Lvl 183 Remington
Perforate Eniripsa Lvl 177 Remington
Eliminate Enutrof Lvl 149 Remington
Intimidate Rogue Lvl 148 Remington
Actuate Cra Lvl 10 Phaeris

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I am aware there are people who design custom combat areas for mob farming, but that is still subjected to random starting spots. 

Is there any advantage in drop rates? I have been told fragments don't even drop in HW. 

So why do people do it? (Not to mention charge a tax for people to do so). 

THanks for any response.
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I have spent so much money on DLC packs as the ONLY way to get ogrines. One steam account was able to invoke the steam wallet to buy ogrines but now only limited to the $10 ogrines while the rest does not work (even though i have like a 100 bucks topped up).

The other account i have totally unable to buy ogrines at all. Many tickets were opened BUT CLOSED without resolution after a long wait. This has been for months.

Now i got so much money stuck in both Steam wallets and i cannot play Wakfu.

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I guess there is no rules or anything preventing me from getting to lvl 200 and then start stalking a map to pick on people who do not have PVP on and are lower level?

Just so that people get so annoyed they stop playing. Is that ok?