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By pointy-imp - 2016-02-20 07:36:16 in General Discussions
6 2254
I got a few characters on the same account to 100-126.
From experience from dofus its quicker solo than waiting
on people to turn up to do a dungeon and joining a guild
seems to spend more time chatting online than leveling.

My problems are the dungeons get harder like vampyro
which means no transmutation stones past level 90 and
cant run dungeons for equipment.

Equipment drops are fair rare and as above cant alter the elements when i drop them.

All monsters seem to hit real hard and fighting...
By pointy-imp - 2016-01-15 17:37:31 in General Discussions
58 5459
just got ganged by 3 players 190 and 2 level 200s.
Im level 122.
1.I thought pvp was 1v1.
2.I thought there was a fair system in place where you can only attack in your level range.
3.I thought i needed pvp activated as i dont pvp
4.Do they get penalty for zaap sitting waiting to piss people off when its a clear no win situation.
5.whats the point,do they get a bonus for doing it? Its like me killing a tofu

screenshot removed :p
By pointy-imp - 2015-12-17 22:04:09 in Rogue
17 3968
Been watching video on youtube of bomber rogue it looks awesome,however the video is old and
stat point have changed and according to forum bomb damage is nerfed.

I made a rogue and got it to 80 ,pulsar did awesome damage on re-stat test.
But going aoe i'm missing out on single damage potential of it so it seems its either aoe or single target
and i don't want the bombs to suffer,but it would be nice 1 hitting things.
In practice solo though lining up a linear shot isn't always possible.