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By pointy-imp - 2013-01-02 20:44:57 in Problems and solutions
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For some reason,every time I log on to dofus,it says add computer
so i disabled ankama shield hoping it would reset it somehow then
switch it back on again.
I forgot my secret question a while back and could not be bothered
photocopying id and waiting on a reply.
However when you deactivate the shield,it prompts you for a new
password which i did,then asks for secret question.
I had to cancel at this point.
Now i cant log on as it says incorrect password,neither work,
then on the forgot password...
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How do you deal with spending ages grinding gathering when the prices just go down.
Gob souls ,regular price now 15000 from 20000.
Field bread 18000 to 9000!
Mining everything undercut.
Ok under cut by 1 kama but people are just dropping by 1000 each time
and the demand isnt as much as the people out there trying to make money.
For me its boring trying to make cash i like adventuring finding loot,
its a game dont want to spend all my time not playing just tryng to make cash,
woot im lvl 150 i gotta...
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I heard a rumour they are getting rid of it or thinking of getting rid!
I just made an enu and got screwed over on advice for stats.
Is there any point making one,i know they are still cool but
living chest is the reason we make one!
Is it gonna get nerfed any evidence?
Just ill not bother doing coins throwing at piglets again
if its true cuz its a pain in the arse.
May as well just have 2 lvl 60 alts with gelano pieces
and a sadi or int cra.