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At this point you can mix set. But the royalmouth set (lvl 120 to 135) is a good set for osa , it give intel/vita/summon and range. The price for this set is pretty low, on my server the full set cost like 600 000k for a 4 pieces. Mix that with the trool cloak or the ortiz cloak (go for the trool one) the soft oak set is good too but it didnt give summon so you need to find a ring with +summon since in weapon you can use the limbe wand (1ap/1mp/1range/intel/wisdom). For the set at those lvl you got...
By Skittle5 - 2018-12-16 18:35:13 in Osamodas's Whip
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For team figer you will mostly boost your team mate sincèrement summon slow down the fight,but for PVP summon osa are beast ,sincèrement you can focus on resist gear and still able to push some damage with the summon
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Tofu is a pretty good spell at lvl 6 with beowulf , bear and energy shot. And true the mino set is à good set for a full summon build. If you want to pvp lvl 120 you can go for the caracape minotoris  (dont know the name in english) it give all res and lvl 128 i think you can take the Dragoeuf helm (samethink i dont know the english name) it will push you at 20% ++ all resistence.