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I own all 4 paddocks in each spot (the underground area with 4), both in convenient locations near zaaps.

Tainela's is 3,-33

Frigost's is at -76,41

I'm not planning to sell them cheap, considering how hard buying a completed set is.

Not especially active in game, so I'll try to check here for responses once in a while. (/w Piro in game though)
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I'm trying to start the sufokia quest "Fishing for Bones" (you talk to Markaris the Sadida at [19,32] in front of the 'little' leviatun) but Markaris and the 2 agressive diver npcs aren't there on any of my accounts barring 1. The prereqs are (from my understanding) only "Memoires of an amnesiac" and "The seven merkaptans". I JUST completed memoires, and I show to have seven merkaptans completed in both my quest log, and under the "Silence, We're Sinking" achievement. I also went back and went through...
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Warning: I'm not very good at this advertising thing. I'm long winded, babbly, and half of this is probablly worthless information to most people. SORRY Q.Q

So Rosemary's been around.... for way too long, to be honest. Originally from Solar, we transferred to Rushu earlier in the year and have been slowly climbing back to regular activity. Now that Ankama has blessed us with the ability to make guild challenges, have a message of the day, and a bulletin board, I feel inspired to really make use...