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Dra House Eniripsa Lvl 154 Rubilax
Xiss Sacrier Lvl 154 Rubilax
Ziane Feca Lvl 154 Rubilax
Zianne Pandawa Lvl 125 Rubilax
Xisuka Sadida Lvl 125 Rubilax

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By pilagr - 2020-11-07 15:38:10 in Combat Strategy
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Hi I haven't play in quite sometime, but I have 6 characters lvl 153 across 2 accounts.
My question is are this combination of characters anything good?

Sacrier, Eni, feca, cra, cra, cra

I Do love my Cra's its simple to play and I don't have big setups to do before I unleash their skills, Sacrier is also the first character I did so I would like to keep him, Eni seems to be necessary because of the heals but sometimes it just feels useless and I'm not sure about Feca, I had him before as a tank,...
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So I've been playing for a long time, but I play a few months here and there and then quit, and have been like this for a few years. Atm I have 6 characters lvl 153, and I enjoy do my dungeons with my team setup.

Today I returned because I see that we could make use of the 3 day booster, I did fix some my feca skills and passives, and decided to try milkar boss in sadida kingdom.
So when I joined with all my characters, they went down in level and got naked, no gear equiped!! what is the point of...