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Been playing on and off for 10 years now. Taking breaks now and then. Been gone for maybe a year and now dts are different.

Before a decent generic mount was an eme/ging dt if you wanted some hp and mp. Now the stats given are different, can anyone recommend what I could use if I didn't want something specific like a plum/crim for example. Just curious what options I have now, imagine plum/(___) variants will be decent but input from. People who have been playing more recently would be...
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Hi guys, returning player here. Looking to get involved in the mono servers. Made a few chars on Dramak so far and I cant seem to find many English speaking folks around. Which server has the best population for such a feat? I'm also looking for a guild so if anyones recruiting I don't mind relocating as my chars are only level 30/40s..

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Hey everyone,
My names Turretbound Or Battlescars (depending on when you knew me). Been playing for a good 10 years on and off, several 200s and 199s and have done a great deal of the content that was on offer. Debating returning to the game. Pretty much left when frig 3 was released. Was curious whether theres a lot going for the game still and any new things that make the game feel fresh again. After Dofus I went to Wakfu where I currently have a little army over there, but figured I might give...