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Mmk, this might not be within the guide lines of the forum rules (and if it isnt I'm sorry for post this).

I used to do this on all the game forums I played so im going to do it here too ^.^

here is how it goes:

Just post a picture of you desktop here!

Simple enough right? Its really fun too see the desktop of others! Might even give u ideas of what to have for you background . OR! mabey you'll find some people with the same programs as you!

Give it a try ^.^ it is really fun

Here is mine:...
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I know this is probably the wrong spot to put this buuuut is it a problem that in order to use the search option u need at least 4 letters and Glu is only 3?.. X.x mabey change the name to Gluu or reduce the amount of letters needed? :> tyvm ^.^

(and yes i know its real simple to find it.. just look under reasources but im just sayin ^.^)