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By pancoexx - 2014-05-02 00:47:43 in Suggestion Box
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I would first like to start off with saying that I'm typing all this on my phone so I'm sorry in advance for the poor organization of this post.

1v1 PvP:

I know what you're thinking "this idea will never work be cause classes will never be balanced in regards to 1v1. However, my suggestion for reviving pvp is something completely different from what you have in mind.
How the system will work:

Like the kolossium you will have an option to sign up for 1v1. During this process you will have two...
By pancoexx - 2014-04-25 06:36:41 in Problems and solutions
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Every time I open the up launcher I get the message "The update server data appears to be out of sync. Our teams are working on the problem. Please try again in a few minutes". It's well over a few minutes and I'm still not able to log on, but from my understanding, people are still able to play? How do I fix this...
By pancoexx - 2014-02-05 03:01:26 in Suggestion Box
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Today I made a huge mistake in regards to scrolling. I had completely forgotten that I had scrolled intel and vitality, and spent about 10mk in scrolls to rescroll.

Although its not necessary since one can keep track, I think that Ankama should make a feature where it shows what is scrolled and what are from characteristic points.

Sincerely someone who just spent 10mk for not being careful enough....