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Ale-Storm Pandawa Lvl 230 Rubilax
Avantasi'A Feca Lvl 230 Rubilax
Querozenne Enutrof Lvl 230 Rubilax
Nezequo Osamodas Lvl 230 Rubilax
Time What Is Time Xelor Lvl 217 Rubilax
Orden Ogan Sacrier Lvl 195 Rubilax
Nanowar Iop Lvl 138 Rubilax
Exit Eden Eniripsa Lvl 119 Rubilax
Nezeca Gameplays Cra Lvl 29 Rubilax
Korpi'Klani Sadida Lvl 6 Rubilax

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Most of my friends share the belief that this dungeon is basically a glorified DPT check, there's no feasable way to control the amount monsters get buffed, specially if your party isn't at least close to the meta.

I really really like this dungeon in essence, not that much execution. Due to the amount of recent dungeon reworks, I might aswell share my thoughts somewhere about the issues me (and some of my friends) feel about the dungeon.

In general, the issues boil down to: The infinitely stacking...
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Won't beat around the bush and cut straight to a big ass list:Monsters and Dungeons1. Rogues (lvl170, Sufokia's Mines):Dominant Rogue has the exact same appearance as a normal monster of the family (Rogue Rtist). Not even a pallet swap. Rogue Rtist also has the exact same appearance as the Crobak's (lvl80, Kelba) archmonster. Rouge Rogue and Rogue Lob Ludgeon have spells with very unfitting animations.Both of these first ones aren't game breaking stuff, just some graphical issues that would be nice...
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I really love PvE in this game, so i decided to make some mobs for fun and share them
Here goes some direct links:
Global Mechanics:
Each mob:
Tried putting images but couldnt get it to work