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Character name: Relevant
Date and time: July 8th 2020, 11:00 AM Dofus Time
Server: Grandapan
Map: [-49,47] or [-54,34]
Quest: Beware of the Venerable Sauroshells

I try to hand in the quest after defeating all types of Venerable Sauroshells.
The NPC has the question mark above him but I just can't finish the quest.
I tried to hand it in at both possible locations, at Seamus Tard [-49,47] and at Huckle Ingon [-54,34] while I was on their team.
It possibly has something to do with the fact that I collected...
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I noticed that the Otomai's Amulet now requires 2 Mahogany Pebbles to craft. I wonder if this is correct, because all other parts from Otomai, Danathor, Broucey and Allister's set require just 1 pebble to craft. I just found it remarkable, it probably is a mistake.
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I'm at the step where I have to take some mats to Severus Napes. I have all collected all the mats, but the quest won't update.
It probably has something to do with the deleted items.
Before last update you had to give 20 Gin 'n Ticks to him, but those got deleted and now the quest says you have to give him 20 Gobball Horns. I got these but the quest won't update.