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By ourmatey - 2013-10-02 00:01:39 in General Discussion
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For this quest chain there are 2 NPCs, one for Brakmarians and one for Bontarians. I remember receiving the quest and then the quests for defeating dungeon bosses from the NPC Michele Seyroth, since she appeared when the area was owned by Brakmarians. When it was owned by Bontarians Jammy Rokwai would appear at the dungeons. Now that alignment territories are gone, both NPCs have moved to -76, -46 so that aligned people can take the quests there.

However when speaking to Michele Seyroth I now get...
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The underlined word 'Lebar' has to be 'Nicki Kerrs' because this pops up when you finish his subtask and Nicki Kerrs and Long John give out the other subtasks.

Onme Eadson

This is shown when completing the quest. The underlined 'him' has to be 'her' because Asselo is a female NPC.
I think the underlined 'prisoner' has to be 'prisoned' because they have been imprisoned in ice.

This dialogue is shown after completing the quest, when you don't have the reward belt equipped.
It has to get...