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Otaryu Sacrier Lvl 173 Nox
Nanata Cra Lvl 131 Nox
Getsu-Sui Ouginak Lvl 130 Nox
Darkgyroid Xelor Lvl 101 Nox
Otaburst Iop Lvl 78 Nox

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By otaryu - 2019-09-16 18:07:29 in Sacrier
2 481
When I hear someone say they powerleveled... I have no idea what they mean.
I assume just grouping with people and attacking large hoards of monsters in your Level area that gives best XP.
Sadly that isn't an option for me currently.

I am a lvl 160 Sacrier with junky equipment (don't really know what is good for my lvl) running most pieces from the Tormented armor sets. 
I started off fighting in Moon, attacked single Nyl Hunters and just seeded that group over and over. It was going really well...
By otaryu - 2019-06-29 02:43:38 in Trade
3 271
I seen Tormented equipment is boostable if you already have the equipment.  
however, how do you get the normal pieces? 
I thought from the dungeon in shushu world. 
I heard some equipment has seperate recipes, if so where can i find them?
any help would be great. 
By otaryu - 2019-01-11 20:58:02 in Guilds
0 209
I am now a level 105 Miner and from what it says in the recipes I need a haven world to mint the big number of kamas. 
If that's the case any guilds have the last part needed and need a miner?