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Member since 2016-02-21


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-03-02


Dregn Mystique Masqueraider Lvl 199 Nox
Gadre Sacrier Lvl 153 Nox
Osol Osamodas Lvl 148 Nox
Geror Ecaflip Lvl 142 Nox
Dreton Sram Lvl 118 Nox
Dreard Enutrof Lvl 118 Nox
Anonne Eniripsa Lvl 108 Nox
Gagan Pandawa Lvl 107 Nox
Dregn Mystique Masqueraider Lvl 50 Remington
Vutera Eliotrope Lvl 33 Nox
Pawe Ouginak Lvl 25 Nox

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Water/air masqueraiders rely heavily on collision against themselves, their double, or allies since walls are not often easily used for the task. Causing AP to be removed from the target being pushed and the other which it collides against will remove the possibility for the masqueraider to cause collision effectively without it rebounding and costing their team or themselves. The best damage spell for water masqueraider other than spittoon either pushes the enemy out of cc or causes collision against...