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By HeLmZ - 2014-06-27 00:51:41 in Suggestion Box
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not only duo's should be reviewed, yesterday i went to do merkator, and whole dungeon had 10 stars... people will think why is he complaining, but this means that nobody did this dung for more then 10 days on whole server, isn't this a failed project then and shouldn't this be reviewed, instead they keep on making new dungeons. Same with nidas, you need a sram for trap wall or a rogue for bomb wall otherwise it's kinda impossible/ extremely hard, these things should be reviewed, ankama keeps making...
By [Izmar] - 2014-03-24 18:15:00 in General Discussion
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I smell april fool...
By Zero-Insanity - 2012-06-28 17:28:01 in Rushu
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these days you can survive anywhere with new dung system

in rushu most kamas are made in frigost, and for professions i'd suggest crushing crafts for runes (if you find a cheap recipe compared to runes you get).

rushu itself is a "rich" server if it comes to recources, which makes profits harder, altho hunting for certain objects makes you decent money to make a living.

don't rlly know about lower lvls (below 150) since souls wont rlly sell anymore... hope you'll find what you're looking for...