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By ohasac - 2020-04-03 00:07:27 in Bug Reporting
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So for the past two days, I've noticed that the Rogue Bombs are glitched as heck! If I detonate them, there image is stuck permanently on the screen until the fight is over. These after images block LoS and confuse the heck out of the fighters. Also only one of the 3 bombs detonated actually do damage. I can't progress in the game with rogue now, help? Also I've re installed already, and repaired twice. Is Anyone else having this problem? 
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    So I put 440,000 kamas up for sale in exchange for 1100 Ogrines. My offer is no longer there, but I never got my Ogrines or Kamas back (this all happened in the span of like 5 min). Just frustrated that I can't get subscribed. I am usually on top of making sure my weekly subs don't run out, but this time I thought I had an extra week (the whole buy one week get another free thing) but I never got that free week . . . pretty lame