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it doesn't work THIS IS exactly what we are doing.  

TO make it easier you can add it to shortcut bar 
Press Scissors once *Tap*

Step 2 
A pop up window appears
lists the options below
"Insert Stats"
"associated recipes"
"Insert Recipe"

Step 3
Touch Target but DO NOT LET GO 
instead DRAG target to your target 
In which case the window closes and your left dragging your scissors your target

Here's where it gets good.....IT DOESN"T FRIGGGGING WORK!!!!!! ...
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same here I can't target anything even doing exactly as it says.  Which is touch target then drag it which changes to scissors icon then drag it to your target it.. THING IS.....IT DOESN"T Target SQUAT even if you frigging hover over the player or NPC.  LIke  W  *blanK* F???
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Im tired of silence and solitude as well.  I hope you guys have discord on phone or tablet I can get mine running.   Please cure me from my loneliness and lets conquer grandpan
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