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Just like the title says...

I am a returning player from launch, and I need some very simple support for my account. In the time I have been gone Ankama has added a secret question to my account, that I do not know the answer too.

Now I am unable to change the email address that is no longer active, nor can I modify ANYTHING else to do with my account because of this.

This would not normally be an issue for ANY OTHER COMPANY, but for Ankama it seems to be very hard indeed.

As a paying customer...
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I started way back at official launch. The game was kind of limiting on how one could store cosmetic gear at that time.

The characters I had holding my cosmetic gear became mules due to their lack of inventory space making them unplayable.

Well, I want to attempt to start a new character, but all my character slots are full, so I have to delete an old character. Problem is, the only ones I want to delete contain purchased Makabra and cosmetic gear from pre order bonuses.

Is there some way for...
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Decided to check back for the new update after quitting way back in 2012. Wont be sticking around either after seeing my Ogrine balance wiped.

Back during launch the game was a broken mess, so I left knowing I would day come back in hopes they fixed the issues. Well I am back, and see that I no longer have any Ogrines in my balance, only to do a bit of research to find that they go away after a time. Let me just say that is f-ing stupid. Seriously... what kind of company does that.

Good luck on...