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Sram Lvl 161 Echo
Cra Lvl 132 Echo
Eliotrope Lvl 104 Ilyzaelle
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As the topic says I returned dofus after a long time(5 years to be exact) I played sram,,eca,xel,cra,osa,eni,rogue,iop beyond to level 150+ and rest of the classes to the near 100 lvl. Only classes I havent tried are fogger, hupper, masq,oug and elio. Now I come back and overwhelmed with all the changes. Couldnt find any guide for classes.So does anyone have any class suggestion for me. I want to focus on 3v3 kolo and a bit dungeons. It's not important for me to be a damage dealer or healer or another...
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as the title says I am in discovery mode right now. I just came back after a 2 year break.I am searching a way to make kamas for becoming subscriber. I have 15X lvl eca I think I can farm f2p resources easly but dont know where to farm or when to start. I checked a few markets like resource market and baker one, and still dont know what to do. What sources you guys recommend for me? How can I raise money for subscription? I dont want to waste my money on a game that im not certain about to keep playing...
By notthisone - 2017-06-30 21:00:26 in Echo
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Hi guys as the title says I returned after 2 year. Lots of changes lots of new classes. I would like to start playing this game again I quit dofus cuz all of my friends was gone. So now I am looking for some kewl guys to play with. I have 15X lvl str eca and str/agi 16X Sram and 14X-15X lvl cra but since I forget everything Im trying those new classes to learn new mechanics.If anyone want to do some dung/grinding or anything I would be happy.