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Hey everyone!

The guild Ohana was once a thriving guild within the Dodge community and we are attempting to bring this back! 
We want to create a fun and friendly group that truly enjoys the game. Please if you are interested at all make sure to message me! Name is Nonso and everyone is welcome to join.
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I just can't seem to find a way to place breeding items in my paddock. Can anyone help me out here?
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Ohana is a fun and very active group of people looking to make the best this game has to offer! Our guild has big plans for the future and to make sure we secure our spot as one of the top guilds on the server Dodge and Dofus touch.

Why join Ohana?Ohana is a fun and friendly guild with an incredibly nice community setting. A fast growing guild. Daily groups and activities(exp and drop hunts). Rewarded for activity and kindness.
Guild InformationLeader: Nonso Alliance:...