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I get that we needed something more challenging to breed but some parts of seemyool breeding are just ridiculous. As it is breeding seemyools is much more difficult than breeding DTs because:
1- making the nets is expensive.
2- they're lvl 200 monsters and are often in big difficult mobs
3- 4 out of 6 seemyools are in zones that are a pain in the but to get to. Not only do you need expensive objects just to get in those zones, you also need anyone who is coming with you to have them.
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really quick question....

so i found a mob with two dark roses(yeah, i could barely believe it myself)..... and i was wondering, when turning in the souls, will the npc take only one of the dark roses in the soul stone or will it take both?

also, any recommendations for finding the arch of the dark rose? XD

i know i should probably let them live... but dark roses are rare as it is so people will not let them be so that the arch can spawn....
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so i've been trying to buy a pack of 23000(40dollars) ogrines(partly because of the parasymbic gift), so i choose paypal as my method of payment but when i click on the 23000 option it doesnt do anything. it just redirects me to the same webpage. it works with the 11000 pack(20dollars).... but that is not the one i want to buy....

i would very much appreciate it if someone could tell me how to solve this....