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By ninjaabdulla - 2012-03-23 15:32:44 in Suggestion Box
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So I was wondering, would we be able to ever see our weapons equipped when we're moving around? Say for example: a Pink Claw clinging to our back.. and for daggers: 1 on each side of the waist.
I just think it's kinda lame how we can only see our cape and headgear.
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I'm a lv 103 Sac with a lv 56 Xel and a 66 Osa and we ended up in a fight with a lv 134 iop, 148 cra and a 112 sadi. WTF?
By ninjaabdulla - 2012-02-28 03:46:26 in Sacrier
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So I'm a lv 98 Sacrier, bout to be lv 99, and I was wondering what a good set for a 1/2 dags build is. And would this set include 9ap in total?