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djyoung|2012-06-04 13:11:34If there is even one player left with a few Billion Kamas in their account, could you imagine how much they could destroy the economy and game play of their server? They could buy up all the items in a marketplace, thus spreading their ill gotten gains. This may sound good to people trying to sell things, but ultimately it will lead to the inflation of your servers economy making something that was worth 10MK worth a fair bit less in the future. READ THIS!

To destroy...
140 17346
I started last ochre 7 days ago and finished after 5 days who will gime my ochre back... If u rhol back solar i want my ochre!
140 17346
Sad or fun i really dont know... When someone try to scam u then is auto reply, when someone scam us then we are on w8ting list 5+ months...