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Recently a friend of mine decided to give Dofus a go and he kept complaining about the shortness of his turns, which often resulted in him dying or just getting frustrated, which made me think about how much easier it was for newer players years ago. I've also had issues with the shorter turn timers on classes with lots of small cost actions such as Pandawa and Xelor, i'd really like to see a return of the 1 minute turn timers, there really wasn't an issue back when they were longer except some people...
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I've noticed a bug when using multiple characters on the same account, if one character has done an achieve and the others haven't, it displays the achieve as completed for characters that haven't completed them. I know it's not a game breaking issue, but it can become pretty frustrating trying to remember which achieves which character has done when it's displaying incorrectly. Thanks in advance - Netflix.
By nicknamed-alt - 2017-06-03 08:38:14 in Problems and solutions
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There's an issue when signing up for kolossium matches, when you click accept it doesn't accept then bans you for not accepting, not complaining, just informing. fyi i'm on Echo server (where dreams go to die).