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Once upon a time, there is a Kid full of bandages of his body was born from Incarnam, he knew nothing about the World of Twelve. The kid talks to and take a task from villagers (npc) and he discovered, he can control a Time while doing a task, he learns everything from Incarnam, The kid got a professions at that time, He is good on Alchemy and he loves Baking a bread until the Time comes he need to leave on Incarnam to gather more Experience. a Kid asked Master Sension to bring him to Astrub, he...
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Hello! Everyone,

I was rest playing dofus after I re-master the spell of revamped xelor. I start to play dofus after I read the update of server merge, I just noticed, all "returning spell"(eg. flight, Rewind, rollbak and frostbite) of xelor are now can be affected by gravity state! its more harder to play a xelor because those spell are the xelor's key of winning without telefrag we(xelors) are nothing . can you revert that kind nerf on xelors spell? were just a few players who main the xelor class...
By nicejhe - 2016-01-24 21:11:50 in Suggestion Box
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Save Point: I guess it is good if Zaap it's only a portal, and the Inn is a good for a Save Point, because Inn made for to stand by of people/players. while players stand by inside of Inn, the recovery of /rest and /sit will be double.

Incarnation Weapons: instead of automatically transformation with different spells, why not giving us a 1spell if we use the Incarnation weapon? spell that we can "transform" and giving us a different type of power. (example: swashbuckling bandit lv1, if we use that...