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Hiko-Neeko Iop Lvl 124 Remington
Keikai-Neeko Xelor Lvl 110 Remington
Nettyneets Ecaflip Lvl 90 Remington
Niji-Neeko Sram Lvl 71 Remington

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By nettyneets - 2015-11-05 01:36:04 in Guilds
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Hello everyone!

My name is Netty and together with my fiance Matty we decided to create a guild.
Our aim is to establish and maintain a guild filled with active and friendly players who enjoy having random conversations in the guild chat and grouping up with others for doing dungeons and leveling.
In other words we want to be a guild where you know more about others than just their level and character name.

There's no level limit so anyone can join provided that they can speak english so that...
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Want to buy Whispered ring x2, Amuleto and Arachnee Pet.

Message me in-game or on here with your price please :-)

IGN: nettyneets/Hiko-Neeko
By nettyneets - 2015-09-05 15:56:13 in Trade
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I would like to trade the whole Summer Pack for the Souleater relic.
I am also open for any other trade offers. My IGN is nettyneets/Hiko-Neeko.

Surimi Gold Pet LVL 50
Emote with action "Water Bomb"
Shark Costume
Vital Energy Cocktail x10
Summer Bedroom Set (9 decoration items based on the beach theme)Eniripsa Haven Bag Kit (external appearance of your housing bag)
Title: Treasure Hunter.