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By nesslly - 2017-04-04 07:53:22 in Problems and solutions
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What is the point of having Dofus on steam if you can't log into your main account rather it forces you to make a steam dofus account

why was it designed to work like this

why not just have the steam client work like the regular dofus client ????
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I can't buy Ogrines with my credit card

is there any way around this

maybe the devs. could allow the purchuse of Ogrines via safecard?

or can I get a mod to buy Ogrines with my credit card?

anyone else having this issue?
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I put in a ticket about 3 days ago about my account and how I needed my secrete answer remade

anyone here know how long it takes for a ticket to be addressed and or if they are going to ignore it will they tell you? (to explain that last part: if it wasn't in the correct field or didn't have the right information)

anyone have experience on this?