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By narc-- - 2019-08-13 09:27:49 in Cra
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So I started playing DOFUS again on a fresh account.

I currently have a level 48 agi cra and a level 44 cha Sadi, after farming enough Kamas for a today set and mad tofu cloak my cra is hitting like a truck!

I got from level 1-40 within a few hours, doing dung and monster achievements, the progress from 40-50 has been a lot slower.

My question to you guys is how can I level up faster? I don’t have kanas to get leeched, and I don’t plan on just being a leecher in Frigost.
Also should...
By narc-- - 2019-08-06 14:14:11 in Sadida
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Hi guys,

So I used to play many years ago (when masq was the newest class), and I had a level 199 str sadi.

I purely liked str for the aoe manifold provided. But now with the infected state technically every spell is an AoE (which is awesome).

I sold my account to a friend a while back, so I’ll be starting on a fresh account with no friends or Kamas.

My questions is- what build would be best suited for PvE now? I remember strength was clearly the best option back then, and wondering if...