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Hey guys, back from a long hiatus of not playing dofus, and it seems I've been slapped in the face by way too much content that's making me not want to play the game. Can anyone summarise what's happened to all the characters? I left just before ouginaks and classes got 40,000 different spells...thanks

edit: can I also add, the sram spell descriptions are so bad at actually telling you the effects of spells now, what the hell
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I've started to try and play Dofus again, but upon logging in, the client just leaves me permanently in a queue, which is always something like "You are 26/26 in the queue". Ive tried to log in about 50 times but just have the same issue. Once I was able to get to the server select screen but then my client timed out.

If it matters, I'm using the Steam client.

Any solutions?
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Seems good.

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