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By n0ak - 2016-03-06 01:54:45 in Suggestion Box
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Being trendy and keeping up with the kids required me to do the iron man challange. It brought few things to my attention.

Lets hypothetically say that a new server has been created and you grab 6 of your friends to start a new, dynamic team. Each of you grab one farming and crafting proffession and is dedicated to keep them up at the same level as your character. Ya'll are set on helping each other, crafting stuff and swapping resources with one another and all that good stuff. Logic suggests that...
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I'd love to see that unique feature of Dofus getting some love.

My personal take on it? Allowing artificers to temper with them, changing their properties. The resources needed? I'd say a bit of nuggets, xp scrolls, runes and possible some other mats that have too little value in Dofus at the moment.

Now, beside xp scrolls, I would love to see a new category of items made, equipable in the sidekick slot, which you would set to drain and store up to 90% of experience you get (similliarly to giving...
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Pretty self explanatory. Things that come to my mind:

Soul stones Hunting equipment (would require creating a new cathegory of items) Simple capturing net An idol forbidding the player to fight alongside anybody else, while bumping the score to 300 A new type of food, which restores a set amount of health after each fight, but disappears after a certain amount of time (or fights), while being very difficult to make Soul-stealing pets, in order to feed them while hunting with your regular DT/petConvinience...