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I'm a long-time Ecalfip player who is extremely disappointed with the current state of Ecaflips. While I'm no longer playing Dofus regularly, I had written up and mostly finished (maybe 90%) an overhauls suggestion.

This suggestion takes the best properties of the class, returns old mechanics, creates several consistent spell and gameplay thematics, and heavily nerfs a few key tools in the Ecaflip's kit to round out the power budget. Each spell now has meaningful applications, whether you're specced...
By mythici - 2014-12-15 22:22:06 in Suggestion Box
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I think that if we can only team with people within 50 levels we shouldn't have to fight people outside of 50 levels...

One of many fights: Click here

Character Rating is pretty average for level 110 on Rosal, most 15x+ have at least 800 rating: Click here

I'm perfectly willing to fight people higher level than me (I actually prefer it, it makes a victory more rewarding), and I enjoy challenging fights, but these are just brutal. I usually lose a character turn 2, 3, and 4, with games rarely lasting...
By mythici - 2014-08-15 16:09:21 in General Discussion
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Click here ~ Hat

Found in an item viewer and am wondering how to obtain.

Help appreciated.