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As the title says, is there a way? I've spent months scrolling my Feca and I totally forgot to scroll Chance before I pumped points into it. Is there a way that I can just reset Chance so get my points back rather than having to reset EVERYTHING that I've spent months get money for and scrolling?

Any reply is helpful. Thanks.
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Title says it all. I've made forums about this before and I'm really having issues with it. I'm losing out on a lot of honour due to the fact disgraced people can't be attacked most of the time.

By this I mean like this - " You cannot do that as the player does not have a member account. " the player is disgraced and he's just sitting in a P2P map as F2P, I can't attack him and he's just waiting for some random newb player with wings up to go to the F2P map so he can attack, win and not be disgraced....
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Title says it all. I'm a level 36 PvP Cra and I'm sick of EVERYONE being a PvP Iop due them being SOOOOOOO OVER POWERED at level 30. They get +30damage fr 4 turns, a MASSIVE amount of damage at that level. Most of their spells are 2/3ap so they can jump every turn since it has no cooldown and still cast 2 leek pies with +30 damage making them hit about 40 - 40. Spells like Pressure that erode and are only 3ap can hit 60s. I think the spell called Concentration that's 2ap.They can spam that and hit...