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Sram Lvl 197 Oshimo
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Sadida Lvl 56 Oshimo

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By my-dear-bear - 2018-08-29 17:08:00 in Technical Reports
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Very disappointing that I have to make this thread. The bots in the mines of Oshimo are unacceptable. Might as well put the whole mining profession in the bin. They are online at 3 am in the morning as well as very early and midday. The mines are constantly empty and there is no point in reporting them because no actions are being put in motion. I have a couple screenshots because I know obviously since the administrators on the game are no good they will probably ask me in the comments to contact...
By my-dear-bear - 2018-08-03 05:46:43 in Professions
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So I'm a level 162 Sram and I'm really struggling to get kamas. I've tried capturing Mounts and selling them but that takes A LOT of my time and it really isn't an enjoyable process. Besides that, I have a lvl 66 Miner and a Lvl 80 Jeweller. I spent a lot of money(kamas) and time on getting my professions up but I don't see the reward in it. No one wants to pay to get their items crafted for them and the miner income is currently very very low. Compared to just capturing mounts. I tried selling...