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Hello everyone, I have 7 chars on dofus but when i try to log in with more than 4 chars, it says me "Incorrect account name or password". That's not true. I close all dofuses and open that char first and password is correct.Then i try again and see that error again. I don't know why.
All my chars are f2p(because of this?)

Thanks for the answers =)
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I have noticed a bug in koolich dungeon. koolich summons a cave gobball then turns it into a gobkool (in the same turn). Gobkool comes and attacks me then runs away. when my turn comes,i go and kill that gobkool but it doesn't die !! i see it has 0 hp but it still alives. when the gobkool's turn comes it has unlimited health and still attacks me. well, it dies after attacked.
Pls do something about that =S