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Trance-Beer Pandawa Lvl 72 Nox
Cosmo Fruit Iop Lvl 69 Remington
Cosmo Bow Cra Lvl 54 Remington
Cosmo Dog Ouginak Lvl 35 Remington
Trance Portal Eliotrope Lvl 27 Remington
Panda-Test Pandawa Lvl 25 Nox
Trance Hupper Huppermage Lvl 22 Remington
Enu-Test Enutrof Lvl 18 Nox
Trance-Bow Cra Lvl 16 Nox
Iwannaheal Eniripsa Lvl 8 Nox

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Hey all,

I was looking to get some Emerald Stones, but the crumbly rocks are nowhere to be found.
I have only found a post saying they are located in the Elite Riktus dungeon.
This seems a little odd, since the item I am trying to craft has a level 30 recipe, while the Elite Riktus dungeon is around level 150+.
Later on, the emerald stones will be needed for level 60 recipes, and still will be too low for the 150+ dungeon.

Do you know any other locations of the crumbly rocks?
If not, is there another...
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Hey guys,

I just wanted to mention the fact, that there is still no service to be able to transfer characters to another server on the same account, and it is very unfortunate.
My main character is in Nox, however, I wanted to transfer to Remington, as my friend, who is completely new to the game, was unable to create a character anywhere else, other than Remington, due to her current location.
I was hoping it would be possible to do it, because as some of you may know, Dofus has had this service...