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Hello guys!

I'm trying to make a page/list with all the trees/plants/crops affected by the temperature, but the content that appears when i press X seems to be limited by my own character profession levels.

This is what I managed this far:
Click here

Can someone help me complete the list? Its pretty simple and open for everyone for now.
Click here (dont mind the broken images if you add something, i'll fix them later).

Please don't mess with my database, lol.

Tip: All I'm really asking you...
By muriloFiote - 2012-08-11 06:10:11 in Feca
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Hello everyone!

I'm posting this here before submitting a ticket to know if the problem is happening just for me.

Since the recent update, Fecahammer needs a target to be casted. The problem for me is that Neutral Glyphs are NOT being considered targets and so the only way to cast a Movement Glyph is to wait for someone to step into the neutral one, so I can fecahammer it.

Is this how its supposed to work? =\