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By mrukaviRuks - 2021-01-24 16:22:50 in Cra
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Hello everybody
I need a little bit of your help.
I'm currently level 115 strength Cra but I'm thinking of going dual element on level 120 because with pure Strength build I can use only 3 attacking spells and the problem is that Punitive Arrow has 2 turns cooldown and Conniving Arrow works only in team fights. Basically, I can only use Destructive Arrow until 2 turns cooldown for Punitive Arrow passes. 
Therefore, I got an idea of going dual element: Strength/Chance maybe?
I would love to hear...
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Hy to all!I have played Dofus a while ago, I would say 7-8 years ago and recently I have returned to the game.And guess what?! Everything changed, as far as I can see. So I'm struggling a bit with Cra build and I have a few questions which would help me a lot:My Cra is Int based LVL 98. So I'm concerned is the Int build the best build for Cra LVL 100? (I know it depends on do I prefer PvM or PvP and I mostly play PvE with a friend but also would like to enjoy some good PvP action occasionally when...