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Hot Tuub Xelor Lvl 194 Nox
Mind Games All Day Osamodas Lvl 193 Nox
Rex Roofer Ouginak Lvl 193 Nox
Scrapps Iop Lvl 176 Nox
Achpee Ho Sacrier Lvl 165 Nox
Missusbones Sram Lvl 162 Nox
Spur Aight Eniripsa Lvl 158 Nox
Reeicha Cra Lvl 150 Nox
Alisder Foggernaut Lvl 142 Nox
Pussin Bewts Ecaflip Lvl 135 Nox
Theanorthebold Rogue Lvl 131 Nox

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By Elemecz - 2020-03-23 07:47:59 in Overall
6 647
There's a lot of thoughtful comments out here but one i haven't seen mentioned that you might consider is ecaflip. You have 3 criteria, and ecaflip fills most of these fairly well. Its not confirmed to be changed much by future patches, and it absolutely has a fair share of dmg dealing, sustain, and support abilities (versatility comes in handy when you pick up random groups, esp heals). If i were to choose between sacrier and ecaflip id still choose sacrier. The only problem for eca for you is i...
By [Ankama]WAKFU - 2019-05-24 12:00:00 in News
81 3059
So I'll start with the good things about most recent changes:
1. A new system to pick color, order, and number of slots enables much more control over getting the sublimation you want
2. "Charges" from each item sacrificed give you more control over getting the sublimation you want
Bad things:
1. The ability to upgrade items and ending up with the same enchantment slots is removed. The whole point of this in the first place i think was to allow more options for gear to players, especially the players...