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Member since 2011-05-02


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-09-20


Hartless Iop Lvl 200 Efrim
Bamboolooze Pandawa Lvl 200 Efrim
Cacador De Virgens Enutrof Lvl 194 Efrim
Mandarine Lek Ecaflip Lvl 171 Efrim
Hartles Iop Lvl 169 Remington
Midnight Melody Rogue Lvl 148 Efrim
Protylor Feca Lvl 48 Remington
Mechart Foggernaut Lvl 48 Remington
Hartanic Enutrof Lvl 36 Remington
Roxas Domestone Feca Lvl 6 Remington

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My dream job here...!
31 2474
Arrowofluck|2015-08-12 14:22:58They're Re-opening servers Good news then. *close Dofus* uff o-o
31 2474
333305123456789|2015-08-12 14:14:46moscoman|2015-08-12 14:11:16333305123456789|2015-08-12 14:05:14moscoman|2015-08-12 14:02:48well... i gona play dofus while i wait. Ah that game turned me over LOL. Built an alliance after a month 32 territories 1050 members everyone says i am some scammer wants to kick me out of my alliance XD gived them the rights to a friend and RAGEQUIT> DELETE GAME!
Still have some kamas there that i need to transfer..... well im a solo player in dofus, so i dont have that...