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By Giga-Biga-Bowser - 2012-04-14 23:40:37 in Spitting Bwork Tavern
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Yue had just gotten back from a sabotage mission and learned that Commander Strong was killed. Her rage was beyond boiling point. She got back just in time for someone to be recommend her was a big enough honor to her as it was. Just the thought of avenging her dear comrade made her flash a sadistic smile. She hadn't even had the time to recover but she didn't care.... She liked the pain anyway.

She knocked on the door that no one opened, tried opening the door herself and it couldn't be opened....
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Umm... I'm going to join if that's ok with you people.... ^^"

_Name: Yue Kurochi

_Age: 21

_Gender: Female

_Class: Sacrier

_Nation: Astrub Mercenary soldier (considered a high ranking one)

_Appearance: She has jet black hair, long bangs that cover most of her forehead had she not tucked some of her hair behind her ears, the rest is tied back in a low pony tail that extends until her hips. She wears a dark gray cloak that covers most of her body, pants with military print and her top is a lighter...